Gerard Piqué has made his move in esports

22 March 2017


FC Barcelona centreback Gerard Piqué and an announcement was made yesterday that he’s on the lookout for professionals with a passion for esports and football. 

The project, titled, is actively seeking experienced applications across four fields; competition, content and marketing, business and sales, and events. Piqué revealed this project in a tweet on March 21 as seen below:

The Spanish footballer and World Cup winner has been rumoured to be entering esports for some time, as have the likes of teammate Neymar, but this is the first concrete details we’ve heard of what he’ll be doing. How much personal involvement Piqué will have is as yet unclear as is whether any other high profile names are involved.

Should you wish to join his project and have experience in sales, marketing, event planning and delivery or content creation then you can apply here. It is requested that all applicants are passionate about both gaming and football, so we can safely presume that the project will involve FIFA (or PES) in some form. 

FC Barcelona themselves have been rumoured to be joining the likes of PSG, Schalke, and more in entering esports but again we’ve heard only rumblings at this time. 

Esports Insider says: At ESI we’re a hardy mix of esports and football fans meaning this project is particularly intriguing. We’ll be reaching out through the grapevine to find out as much as we can about what Piqué and his team’s plans are in regards to creating ‘the future of football and esports’.