Everything we know about Chinese CS:GO

The CS:GO community has been buzzing with excitement and intrigue over a new website counting down to the release of CS:GO for China. The game will be released and developed by Valve in conjunction with Chinese MMORPG developer Perfect World.

Perfect World is known for making games such as Neverwinter, Blacklight Retribution and Star Trek Online. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, Perfect World are already responsible for Valve’s other huge esports title, Dota 2, in China. 

Image courtesy of Valve & Perfect World

A press conference held on April 11th revealed a number of features that will be made available to Chinese players such as 64 tick official matchmaking servers along with different anti-cheat measures.

On top of the official servers, there will also be 3rd party services offering 128 tick rate servers, much like CEVO, FaceIt and ESEA in North America. The anti-cheating measures will include the requirement to link an Alipay account, a Chinese service tied to personal identification much like PayPal, in addition to Valve’s Anti-Cheat service.

In an effort to help players in their attempt to make a career in CS:GO, tournaments like Chinese Pro League (CPL), similar to NA’s ESL Pro League (ESL), and City Elite Events will take place. Reddit on the CS:GO sub have also speculated that Valve will have to publicise the odds of getting each item in their case drops as per new Chinese regulations.

The website has a number of helpful tips and guides for new players such as the different game modes, the game’s different cases and ranks as well as the most recommended guns to use along with their brief descriptions. The website also gives a short history of the Counter-Strike series from the 1999 release all the way into the present day.

Esports Insider says: Expanding into China not only serves as a new market for Valve but also as a new source for professional talent. It will be fascinating to see how many Chinese professionals arrive on the international scene in the near future.