Youtuber Chief Pat forms Tribe Gaming and enters both Vainglory and Clash Royale

21 April 2017


Chief Pat, a Youtuber with over 2.3 million subscribers, announced earlier this week that he has launched his own mobile esports organisation called Tribe Gaming.

In a video revelation on his channel, Chief Pat announced the news of the team and that they would be competing in “the two biggest mobile esports titles right now”; Vainglory and Clash Royale. When it comes to Vainglory the team has acquired Liberation X, the first Vainglory champions in North America.

The team will consist of Status, Pon The Original and E36 and Martohhh. Chief Pat boldly stated that they’re hoping to qualify for the Vainglory Spring Championships in London next month, and that by the end of the year they hope to represent the USA in the Vainglory Worlds Championships.

You can watch the video for yourself here:

Tribe Gaming’s Vainglory roster made its debut last weekend. They went down to One Piece 101, an organisation which was acquired by Tempo Storm on the same day. They’re now known as 101 VG. As for Clash Royale, Chief Pat discussed his high hopes for the game. Chief Pat said: “There is so much potential for the future of Clash Royale esports, and it’s something I want to be a part of. I’ll be looking for the best possible players going forward to the summer of 2017.

“Hopefully Supercell is going to figure out that secret esports sauce and make Clash Royale esports a reality. That’s what I, and a lot of other organisations, are banking on.”

You can keep tabs on what Tribe Gaming are getting up to by following them on Twitter here. The account has already amassed close to 30,000 followers at the time of writing. 

Esports Insider says: Chief Pat has covered Clash Royale and Vainglory for some time now, and so this move makes sense. Kudos to him for going it alone and launching his own organisation, and it’s great to see the mobile esports hype train roll on.