NRG Esports announce Northern Gaming acquisition

29 August 2017


NRG Esports have expanded their operations with the acquisition of the Northern Gaming esports organisation.

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Northern Gaming were a Canadian brand with a roster of notable streamers, including 23 year-old Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, who has over 1.5 million followers on his Twitch channel. Until recently they were also the owners of June’s world championship-winning Rocket League squad, although they parted ways with the players just a week ago.

All of the organisation’s remaining players will now operate under the NRG banner, as the company gains ownership of player and streamer contracts. Chance will become an owner and advisor at NRG alongside his streaming role, according to an announcement by Ex-CEO of Northern Gaming, Mark Maring. Mark moves into a position as Assistant General Manager of Gaming with the new brand.

In Mark’s post, he described how Northern Gaming was “an exciting chapter in all of our lives”, but that NRG provided “unrivaled opportunity” and so was “one we couldn’t pass up”. He thanked everyone affiliated with Northern Gaming, and promised that fans have plenty to forward to under the new banner.

“We have had amazing opportunities because of our fans,” he said, “and for that we will be forever grateful. Without you guys, this acquisition would not be happening, and all the great memories of Northern Gaming would never have existed. From the bottom of our hearts, we love you all.”

The Toronto-based brand was only founded last year. It has been a steady climb to success for Mark and the organisation, with this move capping a run of accomplishments in Rocket League and Overwatch.

NRG itself is only a year older, after being founded in 2015 by the co-owners of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. The LA-based team drew headlines earlier this year after it received sponsorship from Washington, D.C. as the city bid to put itself on the esports map. Former basketball pro Shaquille O’Neal is among the famous sporting names to have also invested in the brand.

Esports Insider says: It’s the end of a short road for Northern Gaming, but their story will be looked back on as an example of achieving quick success in esports. NRG further consolidate their brand with the acquisition, and the move is another statement of intent from the emerging esports titans in North American.