Copenhagen Flames team up with Danish streetwear brand qUINT

27 September 2017


There must be something in the water in Scandinavian fashion circles right now as another menswear brand has announced a partnership with an esports team.

This time round it’s Danish mens streetwear brand qUINT which has teamed up with Copenhagen Flames. This deal is currently short term until the end of 2017, but we can assume that there is a strong possibility this will be extended. Copenhagen Flames currently operate rosters in Overwatch, Rocket League, Hearthstone, PUBG and Super Smash Bros 4. The team are also one of a small number to don Adidas jerseys. 

Steffen Thomsen, Copenhagen Flames

Copenhagen Flames Owner and CEO, Steffen Thomsen said: “We are always looking for new partnerships which can help increase awareness of esports as well break down some the age-old stereotypes. We would like to lead the way to create the right kind of awareness surrounding esports and are proud to have facilitated another partnership with an established brand in a business not normally associated with esports.

“The qUINT brand has an edge to it as well vitality. Properties which it shares with esports. I’d also like to commend for qUINT for taking the plunge, as well acknowledging the interests of their target audience and being active to share in that interest.”

Ulrik Egede Larsen, E-commerce Manager at, noted: “We’ve chosen to partner with the Copenhagen Flames because we believe it will help us reach a large audience who are very much online, on a platform where they spend alot of time. Besides the dedication and professionalism which Copenhagen Flames has presented we share a wish of becoming the best! We share ambitions and this partnership is all about helping and supporting each other in two, until now, very different worlds.

“We’ve kept an eye on the development of esports for some time now and believe there is nothing stopping it. There is huge commercial potential and we hope the exposure we gain through this partnership will make the increasing number of gamers and esport enthusiasts become even more aware of us. We want to be where are customers are, and to share and expand our values with them. We want to be a step ahead and we hope this partnership will help us to do that as well.”

You can find the Flames specific range of clothes here

Esports Insider says: With the announcement of a deal between ULT and Versus yesterday, and the recent emergence of a major partnership between Astralis and JACK&JONES, this is more great news as the worlds of fashion and esports collide further still.