Comcast Spectator unveils Philadelphia Fusion

02 November 2017


Philadelphia Fusion have become the latest Overwatch League team to be announced.

This leaves just two franchises, the Orlando Miami spot owned by Misfits and the second Kroenke backed Los Angeles outfit, to announce their brands. 

Every team has chosen an Overwatch character to represent them, and Philadelphia Fusion have gone for scientist and adventurer gorilla Winston as evidenced above. The Philadelphia franchise is owned by Comcast Spectator who own the city’s NHL team the Philadelphia Flyers as well as the indoor sports arena the Wells Fargo Center Complex.

Philadelphia Fusion will follow the orange and black colour scheme with the Philadelphia Flyers

Dave Scott, President and CEO, Comcast Spectacor commented: “We are thrilled to introduce the Philadelphia Fusion brand and team colours as we continue our exciting march toward the start of the season.

“Orange and black are colours of passion here in Philadelphia, and we are proud to incorporate them as we continue to formulate our coaching staff and roster of players.”

The fact that Comcast Spectator own an arena in their home city is notable for the future of the league which, if successful, is expected to have games around the country and moreover, around the globe with each team having their own arena or stadium to host games in. The initial season will be played entirely in Los Angeles, which boasts two teams, at the Blizzard Arena. 

Esports Insider says: Another one down, and two more to go. We seem to have become a source of Overwatch League news this week amidst a flurry of team brand announcements, but this’ll all be over soon. A smart choice by Comcast to keep Fusion in the same colours as its NHL team, and we assume the thinking is that this may encourage fans of the Flyers to give Overwatch a go.