Gamers Apparel announced as official retailer for Natus Vincere, and SK Gaming

Over three days, the guys at Gamers Apparel slowly eked out three announcements just in time for Christmas and Black Friday.

It was announced over three tweets that the UK-based company had become official retailers for three of ESFORCE’s teams. Joining up with the Worcester-based company are Na`Vi, and SK Gaming.

Notably, this isn’t a manufacturing deal like Gamers Apparel have with the majority of the teams who work with them. This instead is a retailing deal, similar to the one the teams currently have with ESL for their store. The agreement sees a wider range of choices for esports fans to get their favourite team’s merch.

Previously, fans in the UK have had to use the German-based ESL Shop to buy team apparel, or go via the teams themselves. Usually adding expensive shipping costs to send such products abroad, the opportunity to secure a foothold in the UK market was one ESFORCE evidently couldn’t pass up.

The Na`Vi shop can be found here,’s is available here and SK Gaming can be found here.

Alongside these announcements, Gamers Apparel are also doing a ‘Black Friday’ sale on their website, including potential prizes. Full information on this deal can be found through this tweet. Between three new teams and deals, it’s a perfect time to get that new jersey you’ve been eying up. 

Esports Insider says: Big news for Gamers Apparel, securing a deal that sees them become the UK retailers for three large esports teams. With the company, launched in 2013, going from strength-to-strength as of late, what else could be on the horizon for them?