Jack in the Box to feature on Team EnVyUs’ Dallas Fuel Overwatch League jerseys

08 November 2017


The first jersey sponsor of the Overwatch League has been revealed with Jack in the Box partnering with Team EnvyUs’ franchise Dallas Fuel.

Credit: Dallas Fuel

Jack in the Box is a fast-food chain based in the United States. The company was founded in 1951 in San Diego, California yet now has over 2,200 locations, primarily on the West Coast. The chain sells everything from burgers to tacos and has significant financial clout, with the 2016 Annual Report stating revenues of $1,599,331,000. 

It’s the first reveal of an Overwatch League jersey sponsor, although we would expect many more to follow before the league’s launch come January. Through the partnership, Jack in the Box will be named the “Official Quick Service Restaurant” of the Dallas Fuel and Team Envy, and be featured on official Dallas Fuel team merchandise available to fans.

At Blizzard’s flagship event last week, BlizzCon, significant details were revealed surrounding the Overwatch League including the divisions, format and schedule. Tickets are also available for purchase for fans who wish to watch the pre-season events. Furthermore, the new spectator mode with colour themed “kits” (as depicted above) for each teams was revealed. Although it doesn’t go to solve all of the spectator issues, it’s certainly a large improvement on what was otherwise an extremely difficult game to spectate.

As the eagerly anticipated start date fast approaches, the second edition of the Overwatch World Cup received solid viewership and Blizzard will certainly be hoping the trend continues. Promotion through the client and Twitch will likely go a long way to ensure good numbers. The times aren’t particularly friendly for UK viewers, although it’s increasingly difficult to find a time that suits the global stage.

“Jack in the Box is the perfect partner for the Dallas Fuel and Team Envy: our fans and followers share a craving for excitement and expect the best,” said Mike Rufail, owner and CEO of Team EnVy. “We’re thrilled to have Jack in the Box on board and see them as a trailblazer for how other brands should approach getting into esports”.

Adrienne Ingoldt, Director of Marketing Communications at Jack in the Box added: “Entering the world of esports is a natural fit for Jack in the Box as the platform aligns with the challenger spirit of the brand — a spirit that sidesteps conformity and celebrates the unconventional at every chance. We’re committed to sustaining a sponsorship program that looks beyond the current social and traditional advertising strategies to create a more fan-centric experience”.

Esports Insider says: Another non endemic coming into the esports fray which is always good to see. With the way Blizzard has structured the Overwatch League and the clout behind most, if not all, of the franchises one would assume several more will follow. Who doesn’t love burgers and tacos, too? Congratulations to both parties on the deal.