KSV Esports expands operations into PUBG, signing two players

07 November 2017


KSV Esports has expanded its team portfolio by acquiring a rosterto compete in smash-hit battle royale title PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds.

The ex-Lunatic Hai PUBG players will remain in Seoul, South Korea

KSV Esports are best known for the launch of the “Seoul Dynasty” Overwatch League team, and follows the recent acquisition of both MVP Black and MVP Miracle for Blizzard title Heroes of the Storm. KSV aims to embed itself in the Korean esports industry and continue to grow the space, which is arguably the most developed across the world.

The players on the roster are former Lunatic-Hai players In Jae “EscA” Kim, and Tae Jun “Leetaejun” Lee. Additionally, Hyung Su Cheong has been appointed as the team’s General Manager. EscA is a two-time APEX championship winner and will now remain in Seoul with KSV. Interestingly, only two players have been signed to the roster initially. Whilst Duos is a popular game mode, most competition tends to focus around squad games, with most esports organisations typically picking up four players. IEM Oakland is fast approaching which will give the esports world a second glimpse at a large-scale esports tournament featuring PUBG. The game is still in early release, but has gained substantial traction and could well be set to break into the upper echelons of the “esports power rankings”.

Kevin Chou, CEO of KSV commented: “PUBG has high potential as an esport given its tremendous streaming popularity and developer commitment to competitive gaming. I am committed to supporting the most talented esports players in Korea across all major esport games and helping the players to compete in the best tournaments all over the world. The fact that PUBG’s developers are also based out of Korea and have created a globally successful game makes this a must-have esport team”.

Tae Jun Lee said: “I have always enjoyed shooting games and playing as a professional gamer, so no question in my interest in PUBG. I am glad to be a part of the team. I will put every effort to win.”

Esports Insider says: Another team entering PUBG as KSV continue to make moves in the Korean esports space. Just how long will it be before they enter League of Legends and other extremely popular titles? Only time will tell.