London Spitfire partner with the UK’s Code Red

08 December 2017


London Spitfire, the only Overwatch League franchise affiliated with the UK, today announced a partnership with the nation’s local esports agency, Code Red Esports.

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The move will see Code Red take a leading role in helping London Spitfire set up in the UK, including providing assistance with a move into new headquarters in England’s capital city.

The agency will also lend its expertise to developing local partnerships for the brand, and will spearhead a series of local functions, from viewing parties to official Overwatch amateur events.

Code Red, who operate under the tutelage of their Managing Director and esports icon Paul ‘Redeye’ Chaloner, will provide a pivotal point of contact with the local community. Paul described how the company was ‘thrilled’ to be able to assist with the franchise’s development, and insisted they are “excited by what the team and the project can do for UK esports.`”

“From a performance perspective, the team are already primed to do great things in the league with a phenomenal squad of players,” he said, “but that is only one part of the picture and Code Red will focus on bringing esports and Overwatch to London and the rest of Britain.”

“We can’t wait to share some of the exciting plans we have for UK esports players and fans.”

At Esports Insider, we’ve previously been vocal about the Overwatch League’s attempts (or lack thereof) to connect with their regional communities: just days ago, our own Londoner Ollie Ring was lamenting the Spitfire’s lacklustre local links.

However, with this collaboration, London Spitfire are prettily poised to make a real home out of their namesake. With today’s announcement comes affirmation that initial plans for the Spitfire’s home arena for future Overwatch League fixtures are already in development. That will see the brand open a viewing venue, retail outlet, and areas for fans to congregate, as well as securing housing and practice areas for the team.

Cloud9 Esports’ owner Dan Fiden, who is also President of London Spitfire, was full of praise for the agency. “We could not have found a better partner for our London franchise than the passionate and committed Code Red team,” he said. “We are determined that London Spitfire becomes a team British Overwatch fans can be proud of and it was imperative for us to partner with an agency with an unparalleled understanding of and history within the British esports community.”

Esports Insider says: What a fantastic move for the team to take: this collaboration promises that London Spitfire can truly be a brand for Brits to get behind. If the team can use Code Red to make good on their plans, there will be a real appeal to sway the local fan base into getting behind the organisation.