Nickelodeon to produce esports sitcom with Mediapro

19 January 2018


The Latin America branch of Nickelodeon has partnered with Mediapro, a Spanish communications and event organiser and the architects of the Spanish LVP, to create an esports comedy show titled N00Bees

Production for the show will start in April and is expected to air in 19 countries across South and Central America in Q3 of 2018. Each episode is intended to run for 60 hour-long episodes and is to be about a group of friends who create an esports team, centred around new gamer Silvia as she helps her brother Erick and friends navigate the esports space.

Mediapro will be producing the series in the company’s studio in Bogota, Columbia, and will feature footage from the LVP Superliga, their national esports leagues hosting tournaments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty and League of Legends.

Tatiana Rodríguez, Nickelodeon Latin America’s senior VP, said: “Mediapro’s experience in the esports industry, along with the series’ innovative storyline, engaging characters, and on-trend gaming theme are certain to make an impact with Nickelodeon’s audience in the region and create new fans in the process.”

N00Bees will not be the first time Nickelodeon has dabbled with esports, however, as it contributed to funding for the Super League Gaming Series C last year.

“We are especially excited with this project, which joins two different business areas of the Group: Content creation and e-sports, a universe in which we’d like to have more presence everyday,” said Javier Méndez, head of content, Mediapro Group. “We will provide all our experience in both areas to ensure a successful and appealing product.”

Esports Insider says: Although esports television shows are not a new idea, it is interesting to see a children’s TV production company investing. It will be fascinating to see how they navigate the show and the accuracy of their portrayal. We’re not a huge fan of the title ‘N00Bees’, but with Mediapro and the LVP behind it, we shouldn’t be too worried.