Splyce partners with Boston Celtics, enters NBA 2K League

25 January 2018


CLTX Crossover Gaming
CLTX Crossover Gaming

Splyce has just announced that it will be partnering with CLTX Crossover Gaming, otherwise known as the esports division of the Boston Celtics NBA Franchise, to enter the upcoming NBA 2K League.

The announcement from Splyce explains that while the Celtics are well-versed in the sports industry, it’s still finding its stride when it comes to esports and gaming – that’s where the esports organisation comes in. Splyce, over the last few months, has been educating the Celtics and providing resources to its staff while they built and developed CLTX Crossover Gaming.

Jim Ferris has been hired to front the CLTX brand, and is working alongside Splyce to fully embrace the flourishing world of competitive gaming. The official announcement also revealed that Splyce has been studying the NBA 2K scene to properly support CLTX in the upcoming player draft. Not only that, the two companies will continue to work side by side throughout 2018, placing importance on establishing a brand – both for CLTX and its future players.

Marty Strenczewilk, CEO of Splyce, is hosting an AMA on r/esports at 3pm ET (8pm GMT) on January 25th to answer fans’ questions and queries regarding this promising partnership.

Esports Insider says: Boston Celtics are lucky to be partnering with Splyce, who have time and again proven themselves as a premier esports organisation. We look forward to seeing how CLTX Crossover Gaming does in the draft for the NBA 2K League!