STS and Paweł ‘innocent’ Mocek start co-operation

11 January 2018


STS, a large bookmaker in Poland, has today announced the sponsorship of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Paweł “innocent” Mocek.

Innocent is a Polish player and is currently contracted to Sprout having previously played for the likes of PENTA and Team Kinguin. The unique deal will see a bookmaker support an individual player for the first time and the agreement will last until the end of 2018. STS are using the sponsorship in an attempt to grow their name in the esports betting world and specifically in Poland.  

“STS is the undisputed leader of the bookmaker market in Poland. We set the trends that are followed by the remaining companies from the branch. Esport constitutes a prospective segment for us – that is why STS has been developing a dedicated platform, offer and functionalities for our users, already for four years. Beginning of co-operation with the key player constitutes continuation of actions that are intended to ensure obtention of status of the preferred bookmaker among fans of esport in Poland” – says Mateusz Juroszek, the President of STS.

Innocent will take part in the qualification for the ELEAGUE Major and STS has said that it will “prepare a special offer for his participation in that competition”.

Outside of’s Counter-Strike squad, Innocent is one of the leading Polish Counter-Strike players and the Spodek in Katowice plays host to one of esports biggest tournaments in ESL Katowice. The event is known for bringing raucous crowds, especially when fan favourites take the stage. 
STS will certainly be hoping that Sprout make it through to the ELEAGUE Major main event although they face staunch competition from the world’s best teams. 
Esports Insider says: Good to see more operators getting involved in the wonderful world of esports. It’s interesting that they’ve taken an individual player sponsorship approach and we’ll have to see how it manifests itself in coming weeks.