West Ham and Ninjas in Pyjamas join forces for Betway Challenge

15 February 2018


Ninjas in Pyjamas and West Ham United have come together to compete in the Betway Esports Challenge

Both share Betway as a sponsor and partner, and so it’s good to see some creative content being made by connecting these two not-so-distinct dots. 

The video was created by Betway Insider and the original can be found here.

In a fun-filled video, West Ham players Javier Hernandez, commonly referred to as Chicarito, and Michail Antonio face off against each other in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, taught and coached by esports stars GeT_RiGhT and f0rest. The format is as follows: the first player to eliminate their enemy 11 times wins, testing the accuracy and speed of each competitor. With neither footballers ever having played the game before, it was destined to be a great watch.

The Betway Esports Challenge is, of course, a  Betway creation. The bookmaker, which is also the partner of ESL Pro League, began sponsoring NiP some time back in September 2016. The initial announcement promised original content, and this video certainly falls under that category.

The challenge is hosted by O. J. Borg, with Chicarito and GeT_RiGhT teaming up against Antonio and f0rest. The tables will be turned on February 26 when GeT_RiGhT and f0rest take part in a football challenge on Betway’s YouTube channel, presumably taking tips from the pros.

Esports Insider says: This is a cool video that shows just how great content can be when traditional sports welcomes esports with open arms. Long may it continue, and nice work by Betway, and of course NiP and West Ham. 

Disclaimer: Betway is a collaborative content partner of Esports Insider