G2 Esports secures Twitch as streaming partner for multiple years

31 March 2018


G2 Esports has announced that Twitch is now its exclusive streaming partner, having entered a multi-year deal to deliver its streams, video premieres, and live interactions with supporters.

This partnership means Twitch will be the sole live-streaming platform of G2 Esports. Thi will result in its professional players broadcasting gameplay, the organisation debuting original content via Twitch Premieres, and “joint real-life activities” to give people a look at the players beyond video games.

G2 Twitch

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports discussed the partnership: “Throughout the years, Twitch has become the epitome of entertainment, reflecting a passion for video games and providing a window into how esports pros play with a great community overall. Many probably still remember my streaming days and now that I’m back at it at a regular basis, I can’t imagine doing it for any other service but Twitch. Our values align and I can’t be more excited about G2 Esports signing a multi-year contract and elevating our relationship with Twitch to new heights. I’m absolutely certain we will have an amazing time together and might even break a record or two!”

Pontus Eskilsson, Sr. Partnerships Manager, EMEA of Twitch also commented: “G2 Esports has captivated fans with their impressive skills across multiple games, including winning both LCS EU Spring and Summer two years in a row. By partnering with Twitch for an exclusive multi-year deal, it ensures our global community will be able to watch and be amazed by one of esports most talented teams.”

G2 Esports other partners include Logitech G, AOC, paysafecard, NEEDforSEAT, Vodafone, and ESP. 

Esports Insider says: Twitch is, without a doubt, the primary place to stream when it comes to esports – and gaming in general. G2 Esports is a popular organisation with 11 teams, so it should thrive on the platform if it commits to producing unique content. This is another exclusive content deal for Twitch, and esports generally, too.