Obey Alliance acquired by Infinite Esports & Entertainment

15 March 2018


Obey Alliance has been rather quiet on social media and on YouTube as of late, and now we know why: the organisation has been acquired by Infinite Esports & Entertainment. The holding company was formed last year by Neil Leibman and Chris Chaney.

Obey Alliance

Infinite Esports & Entertainment is the holding company for a number of ventures, including esports organisations OpTic Gaming and Team Allegiance. It has also created its own companies to compliment those it has acquired, including No Scope MediaNGAGE EsportsGG Esports Academy, among others.

The statement released by Obey Alliance explains that “it’s the same Obey, the same folks in the same roles, but now we have a LOT more to work with.” Leibman is the co-owner of the Texas Rangers, so Infinite seemingly has a lot of finances to work with – as well as the dozens of employees it has recruited over the last few months.

The statement describes the immediate plans for the organisation, which include pushing for growth in esports, creating a solid platform for its content creators to grow their brand, and ensuring the organisation’s success moving forward. The organisation currently has competitors in Smite and the H1Z1 Pro League, but it’s predominantly known for Call of Duty videos – amassing over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Esports Insider says: OpTic Gaming’s transition to be owned by Infinite is quite topical at the moment, so it seems a bit of a weird time to announce that another organisation has been brought in under the same roof. Nonetheless, the holding company has plenty of talented staff members to help develop Obey Alliance in esports.