Red Bull Gaming Sphere, UK’s largest public esports studio, opens in London

13 March 2018


Red Bull is opening the doors to the ‘Red Bull Gaming Sphere,’ the UK’s largest public esports studio, for a launch event on March 21st. 

The studio will act as a hub for the UK’s gaming and esports communities. It promises a venue kitted out with ‘state of the art gaming technology and an ever-changing schedule of events’. As well providing a space for casual gamers to improve for both fun and competition, the Red Bull Gaming Sphere will also host esports tournaments and community events, with the ambition of helping the UK esports scene to grow and improve.

The venue has been designed as a ‘multi-purpose facility’. The modular setup will allow for ‘bespoke configuration to suit any gaming occasion’, and Red Bull has stated that in addition to participation tournaments, guests ‘will have opportunities to meet and play with their esports heroes through workshops or one-on-one activities, with in-house leaderboards to track challenges to the finest players from around the UK’.

This sounds like fantstic news for UK esports, and it’s the second such studio opened by the company in recent times; the Tokyo Gaming Sphere was launched in February. Red Bull has partnered up with the likes of ASUS Republic of Gamers, noblechairs and newegg for the London Red Bull Gaming Sphere.

We’re interested to find out precisely what type of tournaments they plan on hosting. We expect there’ll be plenty of fighting games events, if Red Bull Kumite and Battlegrounds are anything to go by. Red Bull as a brand has been a supporter of esports for some time with sponsorships and its content site, but it’s great to see them open a venue such as this for use by the general public. 

Esports Insider says: Fantastic to see Red Bull open a public esports studio on our doorstep in the city of London and commit, we assume a sizable amount, to helping the UK esports scene to prosper. With this, in addition to the work being done by the likes of Fnatic, Gfinity and FACEIT in London, not to mention ESL UK a little further north, things are looking up for the UK in esports terms.