Kappa Bar adds Jönköping location to growing esports bar chain

Kappa Bar, a Swedish based esports and gaming bar/restaurant has opened its latest location in Jönköping.

Launched in March of 2016, Kappa Bar already has locations in Gothenburg and Stockholm, with franchising options for Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark available via their website.

Kappa Bar was founded by Henric Lettberger and Klas Bergqvist, with recent investment in the bar from NiP and Esports legend Emil “Heaton” Christensen.

Kappa Bar offers gamers a place to watch the biggest esports events with friends, while also offering up a restaurant & bar set-up alongside its game zones as well as private party hire.

Kappa Bar Jönköping opening

Speaking to Jönköping Posten, Klas Bergqvist, Co-Founder had this to say about expansion into Jönköping: “Jönköping is like an ancient force for the entire country. DreamHack have really got something going there.”

He went on to add what the future holds for Kappa Bar: “We have a plan for the major cities in Sweden. Actually, there is no stop for Kappa Bar,”

Kappa Bar aims to be much like a traditional sports bar, with football and ice hockey replaced with esports event broadcasts and gaming. Bar games such as darts or shuffleboard are replaced with six PlayStation set-ups and a five-game GameZone. Kappa Bar also offers a VIP Zone hire for parties and companies looking to spice up their office work’s do with some added gaming. 

The Jönköping centre features a 180 square meter location which can accommodate around 60 guests with an 18+ age limit. The bar is situated at 9 Barnarpsgatan, Jönköping.

Esports Insider Says: Jönköping is the perfect location to expand an esports bar chain. With a busy local university and the local Elmia centre hosting both DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter each year, the town has the right demographic to succeed, the bar is also well situated within the centre of town and, importantly, easily accessible by public transport.

Author Note: All quotes have been translated into English from Swedish.