DreamHack partners with clean energy provider Fortum

DreamHack has announced its partnership with Fortum for the upcoming CORSAIR DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 event.

Fortum is a clean energy supplier who ‘provide CO2-free electricity to the Nordic market’. Fortum also offers a number of other services, including soil remediation and environmentally friendly construction services. Fortum provides this power from hydropower and nuclear power.

Chief Product Officer, DreamHackMichael Van Driel had this to say: “At DreamHack we are tremendously excited to welcome Fortum as a partner to CORSAIR DreamHack Masters. As electricity is one of the key unseen ingredients in making esports happen, it’s a perfect partnership, at the same time this is a huge step for esports for a non-endemic brand like Fortum to enter the space.”

Fredrik Karlsson, Head of Communication, Fortum Sweden, added: “We are super excited to partner up with DreamHack Masters. It feels great to be a part of a sport that relies so definitely on electricity and to know that our product provides the means for this amazing concept. I am confident that DreamHack Masters in Stockholm is going to be a spectacular event.”

The partnership is the first of its kind of this magnitude; Fortum is the first power company to invest in the esports industry and it seems like a perfect match. The partnership should be a first step in making esports greener.

Esports Insider says: For DreamHack this seems like a perfect fit. In Fortum, you gain a local energy provider but keep the carbon footprint of esports lower. For Fortum, they get to make a big step into an industry that relies on the product they produce, electricity.

DreamHack hosts a number of annual events in Sweden, so the move should lead to a much greener DreamHack in the coming years, which might lead other organisers to look to their energy and approach protecting the planet as a serious priority.