Red Reserve details internal problems, releases content creators

Addressing internal problems, Red Reserve has made an announcement that its release the content creators that inhabit the Red House.

The creators in question are Alex “Formula”, John “Kiwiz”, Nick “Nickss”, Jordan “Randumb”, Daniel “Gandhi”, and Jesse “Rave”.

Red Reserve

Explaining why it’s choosing to make this drastic move, Red Reserve said: “This has been a decision that has not been taken lightly but one that we feel is paramount in our success moving forward. This decision may raise a lot of questions from external sources due to the lack of transparency with our fans about the situation throughout these last few months. We feel that now is the correct time to shed light on these occurrences.”

Red Reserve merged with Orbit Esports in February 2017, giving the former a chance to get involved with esports and the latter a strong fan base. Things went well for a number of months, according to Red Reserve, though it didn’t take long for members of the organisation to turn sour.

When this partnership was made, the content creators were allegedly told that they no longer had any management roles in the company and their “high majority stake” was sold. They’d only be involved in the organisation by being ambassadors of the brand and creating content under it.

Where the supposed problem comes to fruition is when sponsorship revenue started coming in. The content creators wanted a fair share of said revenue because they felt they contributed massively to the company – from there, they became despondent and lacked punctuality in terms of meetings and communication. 

As a result of this internal rift, “relationships with multiple sponsors were damaged” and the content creators have been removed from Red Reserve. Interestingly, around the same time as this announcement, the organisation also rebranded. Perhaps this is a method in moving forward and starting afresh? Who knows, but many fans don’t seem too happy with these changes.

Red Reserve currently competes in Call of Duty, Hearthstone, and Fortnite. The organisation is partnered with Victrix, ULT, Scuf Gaming, E-Win Racing, KontrolFreek, and BattleRiff.

Esports Insider says: This is an interesting case, but it’s important that there will be many sides of the story in this instance. These creators were incredibly popular, and while there’s no doubt they contributed to the success and exposure of Red Reserve, there are many aspects that go into acquiring sponsors.