ReKTGlobal partners with the Bahrain Royal Family

ReKTGlobal, a U.S. based esports infrastructure company, has laid out plans for their investment partnership with the Bahrain Royal Family’s esports company, OverPowered Network.

The partnership will see ReKTGlobal use their infrastructure to grow esports in the Middle East. The news comes off the back of recent investment in ReKTGlobal by Imagine Dragons band members, Daniel Platzam and Wayne Sermon. 

Speaking of the partnership Amish Shah, Founder and Chairman of ReKTGlobal, had this to say: “Ali, Ahmed and Abdulla share the same passion, mindset and vision for the esports industry as our team at ReKTGlobal, making them a perfect fit for us to become partners. ReKTGlobal is going to be the catalyst that brings the key stakeholders and best practices to accelerate growth in the Kingdom of Bahrain and entire Middle Eastern region.”

Dave Bialek, CEO and Co-founder of ReKTGlobal, added: “We believe the Middle East is a place of great opportunity for esports and with this new investment and strategic partnership with OverPowered Network, we hope to connect the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) esports community with the greater global esports market.”

OverPowered Network will also lead a number of initiatives within the Middle East esports scene, including; OP Events who will design and facilitate gaming events and tournaments, OP Arenas who will act as gaming community hubs, catering to console, PC and tabletop gaming. OP Arenas will also host a number of grassroots esports events, while OP TV will be an online channel focused on gaming content, with a focus on esports and other gaming-related shows.

Ali Al-Khalifa, Co-founder of OverPowered Network, had this to say about the deal: “After looking for the right partner for almost two years, we’re excited to partner with ReKTGlobal. The team has built a powerful body of work including partners like State Farm and Find Your Grind, and we know they’ll help us expand the scope of services we can provide to gamers and brands in the region and worldwide.”

ReKTGlobal will also look for sponsorship opportunities for their Rogue organisation, while RektGlobal will look to recruit players from the Middle East and North African communities.

Esports Insider says: It is always good to see an area of the world getting some esports love. The Middle East is made up of 17 countries with a total population of over 410 million, it’s also a region with immense wealth, meaning esports has a significant opportunity to prosper there and investments like these will hopefully help to build that foundation.