Cloud9 partners with Mammoth Media

Mammoth Media and Cloud9 have come together to broadcast the organisations North American League of Legends Academy team matches during the Summer Split.Cloud9 will broadcast a pre-game show before each match with highlights and interviews.

The Academy Series matches will be broadcasted on the organisations Twitch channel and feature former players and staff members. Fans will also have the chance to win cash prizes by playing esports-themed trivia on Mammoth Media’s app, Arena.

Jack Etienne, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloud9

Jack Etienne, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloud9 commented: “We’re excited to partner with Mammoth Media for our LCS Academy broadcasts. Partnering with Mammoth gives us a new, fun way to engage directly with our fans through trivia matches on Arena.”

“As we continue to extend our entertainment network we are always looking for innovative ways to get our entertainment destinations in front of new audiences – so partnering with Cloud9, a leader in esports, was the natural next step for us,” said Benoit Vatere, CEO and co-founder, Mammoth Media. “Arena’s live format and mob-based trivia challenges really lends itself to the esports world so we could not be more excited to kick off LCS Academy  Summit Split with pre and post show with the Cloud9 team”.

In the past, Riot has not allowed teams to broadcast official matches but has since changed its ruling. The first broadcast will coincide with the beginning of the Summer Split on Thursday, June 14 where Cloud9 will face FlyQuest Academy.

Esports Insider says: This is a welcome opportunity and show of support from Riot for its Academy Series games. Not only is Cloud9 able to showcase it’s Academy team regularly, but it’s also benefiting heavily from an early partnership with Mammoth Media. Riot opening up broadcasts will in-turn open gates wide open for content from Academy teams and more ways to monetize for organizations. This surely won’t be the last media partner we see teaming up with an LCS team for Academy broadcasts.