Cloud9 reveals OMEN by HP as latest partner

Cloud9 has entered another new partnership, coinciding with the unveiling of its new, redesigned jersey. The North American organisation has partnered with OMEN by HP, the gaming PC and peripheral giant.

Just last week, Cloud9 re-established its partnership with Red Bull, bringing the energy drink brand on board as a jersey sponsor. OMEN by HP also has representation on the new-look jersey.

No specific details surrounding the partnership have been shared as of yet, but it’d be hard to imagine the deal being anything other than OMEN by HP providing some equipment for Cloud9’s players to train and compete with.

OMEN by HP is definitely no stranger to esports, already having partnerships with the likes of Counter Logic Gaming, content creator Travis Gafford, Gfinity Elite Series, and a multi-year deal with Overwatch League.

Cloud9 has added OMEN by HP to its steadily-growing roster of partners, which includes: Twitch, HTC, iBUYPOWER, HyperX, Crunchyroll, MSI, NEEDforSEAT USA, LoLwiz, and Red Bull.

Besides announcing Red Bull and OMEN by HP as partners, in the past few days, the organisation has announced a Korean Fortnite roster, two North American Fortnite rosters, the acquisition of Rainbow Six Siege team Beastcoast, and new signings for the Clash Royale League.

Esports Insider says: Cloud9 has been making strides as of late by announcing new partners and new games it’s competing in, and while it’s hard to say just how fruitful these moves will prove to be, they all seem exciting initially.