ESL Arena Wacken to take place at Wacken Open Air 2018

ESL is working in collaboration with ICS, the organiser of the Wacken Open Air festival, to launch ESL Arena Wacken – an event that’ll feature at this year’s event.

The German affair is being described as a “themed experience” which brings together a music festival with a free-to-play area for daily amateur tournaments and exhibition matches.

ESL Arena Wacken

Taking place from August 1st-4th, the games that will be played include PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and League of Legends. ESL Arena Wacken is partnered with NicNacs, Razer, Hummel, and The Sports People and Live Nation Brand Partnership & Media are working together to provide ICS and ESL with support in planning, concept, and marketing throughout.

Ralf Reichert, CEO of ESL said the following in a statement: “The medium of computer games is more and more mainstream in all areas of life, as the music has been now for many years. An iconic, multi-day music festival like Wacken is a very interesting opportunity to test the esports phenomenon in a new setting and take it into a new environment.”

Heavy metal bands, professional teams, and celebrities will take part in exhibition matches throughout the multi-day event. 

Holger Hübner, CEO of ICS also commented on the event: “Naturally, music remains at the heart of Wacken Open Air, but we have a very close relationship with our community, so we can react to developments. We’re always open to new ideas. Of course, it also makes us proud to be pioneering the world’s first esports theme experience at a music festival, so we are very glad to have ESL as a most capable partner that is setting the international standard in esports.”

ESL Arena Wacken has 5,000 tickets available for purchase.

Esports Insider says: This isn’t the first music and esports collaboration we’ve ever seen, but it’s still interesting nonetheless – especially with ESL being so involved. We look forward to seeing celebrities and pro players end up attending and performing.