Gen.G COO Kent Wakeford joins FanAI as Board Member

FanAI, an esports data analytics company that uses ‘proprietary AI technology combined real-world social and purchasing data to provide insight on esports audiences’, has announced that Kent Wakeford, COO of Gen.G, has joined the Board of Directors.

Kent’s previous work in Ad Sciences seems to have been a key factor in FanAI appointing him to the board – Kent lead teams focused on turning data into actionable insights. Integral Science, the company Kent acquired his experience with, shares a number of similar traits to FanAI, both companies leverage consumer data to help companies make better business decisions within a growing industry, although both companies operate in very different industries.

Kent Wakeford, Gen.G COO and FanAI Board Member, had this to say: “There’s great excitement behind esports, but for it to sustain and grow we need to provide data that endemic and non-endemic brands can use to justify an investment. With so many teams, leagues, and tournaments, brands need access to insightful and accurate information to identify the right audience. FanAI’s data provides this insight so companies can invest smarter, faster, and bigger,”

With esports rapid growth, endemic and non-endemic brands are always looking to invest,  With esports expected to bring in $900m(£680m) in revenue in 2018, with over 77% coming from sponsorships, FanAI feel they are perfectly placed to offer companies accurate information to identify the right audience.

Johannes Waldstein, Founder & CEO of FanAI, added: “It’s very rare to find someone with such extensive experience in the data business and with a deep understanding and involvement in the esports industry. So we are very excited to bring Kent on board with us, his experience with innovative uses for data and esports will ensure we continue to provide the best information to grow a top global industry.”

Esports Insider says: A move that seems to fit all parties perfectly, Kent is clearly a man with a wealth of experience in a field where that experience is rare and FanAI are able to provide better data to customers.