NYXL and Undefeated release limited-edition Overwatch jersey

Overwatch team New York Excelsior (NYXL) and Los Angeles-based brand Undefeated are partnering up to release special edition jersey.

NYXL may not be fighting it out for the first Overwatch League title but the organisation is taking full advantage of the event. The team announced through social media a new pop-up store in Brooklyn, New York. The store is located at a walking distance from the Barclays Centre where the first final is taking place this weekend.

To celebrate the opening of the store, NYXL and Undefeated are releasing a limited edition jersey. On Saturday 28th, NYXL’s fans can purchase one of the 75 individually numbered jerseys available.

Collette Gangemi, NYXL Head of Merchandise and Consumer Products said: “Our vision for esports in New York goes well beyond video game-inspired apparel, and our hope is that this ongoing collaboration really showcases the relationship between the global esports and streetwear communities.”

NYXL, that made it all the way to the semi-finals, is the first team to expand its brand with a pop-up store.

Farzam Kamel, Partner at Sterling VC, owner of the NYXL stated: “We’re incredibly proud of our team’s success in its very first season and think this is the perfect way to celebrate.”

This establishment will allow the organisation to develop an apparel line outside of Blizzard’s limitations. The Overwatch League has strict rules about merchandise sold online. Those rules don’t apply to any product sold on events or in this case, a store.

Esports Insider says: NYXL is the first team to embrace its home city this way. A pop-up store is a smart move, not only from a financial point of view. NYXL is creating a sense of belonging, now they have a point where New Yorkers can gather and support the team. These points will be the key for the future development of the league.