Method announce partnership with Wowhead

British esports organisation Method has announced a partnership with leading World of Warcraft news and database site Wowhead and their parent company ZAM.

The deal will see Method continue its work with Wowhead, providing interviews, guides and video content. This latest news sees the partnership bring Method and Wowhead’s parent company ZAM closer. The deal will also include the Method Heroes of the Storm and Fortnite teams’ work with ZAM’s Heroes and Fortnite sites, HOTS Logs and Storm Shield One.

Method will use the knowledge of their players to provide new content for Wowhead, starting with a new Discord channel where players from Method will answers community questions on the latest news and patch notes, offering their players’ perspectives on all things WoW. The team will also be tackling content related to the WoW Mythic+ system which will go live starting September 4th in North America, with the Method’s Mythic Dungeon Invitational team (MDI) providing guides on latest dungeons and weekly Mythic+ affixes. While the Method raiding team will provide guides for the latest WoW raid, which will begin to open alongside the Mythic+ dungeons.

Shanna “Darrie” Sarr, Communications Director At Method, had this to say about the deal: “After working closely with Wowhead the last two years, it is crystal clear that both of our organizations are fully committed to supporting the passion of the World of Warcraft community. There almost seems to be no better pairing than these two WoW powerhouses and it’s incredibly exciting to make our partnership official. We are all looking forward to expanding our support into HOTS Logs and Storm Shield One. Get ready for a LOT of excellent content!” 

This is the second major partnership in a week for Method, the British organisation announced a partnership with MSI alongside existing deals with Twitch, J!NX, Duality Media and Hideout.GG

Esports Insider says: Within the WoW community, Wowhead is a pretty big deal. They have become a real hub for the entire community with their expansive database and news. The partnership between Wowhead and Method sees Method strengthen their relationship with the game and community that it started within as the team continues to share its vast in-game knowledge with the larger player base.