PENTA Sports adds sunmaker as head sponsor

Berlin-based PENTA Sports has added online betting provider sunmaker as a sponsor for the esports organisation. The sunmaker name will be featured on PENTA jerseys, website and social media.

Sunmaker is a betting platform based in Europe since 2004; this is the company’s first venture into esports. The partnership will consist of “digital activation through content marketing across all channels.”

Marco Sautner, Managing Director of sunmakers partners, Infront Germany said: “We are pleased that we were able to connect PENTA with one of our partners who are active in football and also sees the potential and opportunity of esports. Sunmaker’s move is a great example of how sponsoring within traditional sports and esports can supplement each another significantly.”

Hendrik Goetzendorff, Managing Director of PENTA Sports said this will be the ultimate partnership of traditional sports and esports: “Sport betting is no longer exclusive to traditional sports like football anymore, but also part relevant for millions of esport enthusiasts who celebrate with their favourite teams. Infront’s connection to the world of football sponsorship has again proved to be an asset. We begin our first esport adventure with sunmaker following in the footsteps of several football clubs who also announced their partnership with the company recently. We are excited for the new cooperation and would like to thank sunmaker for their trust.”

Penta Sports yields teams in Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA, League of Legends and PUBG. Fellow major sponsors include smartphone technology company, Wiko, PC cooling system company, ARCTIC, and PC systems company One.Gaming.

Esports Insider says: Organisation partnerships with betting platforms are always tricky. Conflicts of interest can come up especially when there could be questionable match results if the platform is taking bets on matches that involve teams it’s invested in. We will have to keep an eye on this involvement but as it’s sunmakers first venture into esports starting with an organisation like PENTA should have a decent return to get the platform name out there.