SNIPES becomes official apparel partner of mousesports

22 August 2018


German sneaker and streetwear chain SNIPES is now the official apparel partner of Berlin-based esports organisation mousesports, having entered a three-year deal.

Together, the two parties will create a collection of official team apparel, as well a co-produced and co-branded streetwear-themed and “early-2000’s-inspired” collection for fans to purchase – this will be unveiled at Gamescom, which starts August 22nd and wrapping up on the 25th.

SNIPES mousesports

Cengiz Tüylü, CEO of mousesports commented: “Partnering with SNIPES is a great honor. Not just because of their style, designs and the incredible personalities they have already partnered with, but because of their understanding of popular culture! Mousesports is not just a team, but a community brand with a long heritage. SNIPES as a partner have translated the spirit and history of our team into a collection that lives our DNA and interprets it in an innovative, new way.”

Starting at DreamHack Masters Stockholm (which kicks off on August 29th), mousesports’ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster will be making use of this new partnership. The deal will also include social media activations and logos being integrated into digital channels.

Ismail Boulaghmal, Chief Marketing Advisor at SNIPES also discussed the partnership: “We at SNIPES have always looked for exceptional personalities for us to partner with, such as Snoop Dogg, French Montana or the Wu-Tang Clan. So it was clear to us that we wanted to sign with a team in esports as well. Mousesports is a perfect fit as they are an indisputable part of gaming culture, having put their stamp on the community for the last 16 years. We want to continue writing the team’s legacy together for a long time.”

mousesports competes in CS:GO, League of Legends, Rocket League, Fortnite, SMITE, Paladins, and Rainbow Six Siege, among other titles. The organisation is also partnered with Vodafone Germany and Nitrado.

In July, SNIPES entered esports by becoming ESL’s official fashion retail supplier. A co-branded collection will be created between the two parties, and it saw SNIPES become the fashion supplier of select ESL One tournaments, as well as Gamescom.

Esports Insider says: Considering SNIPES didn’t have any involvement in esports prior to the deal with ESL, it seems that the company is keen to delve further into it by sponsoring a team. mousesports appears to be a good pick off the gate because the two parties share a nationality and the organisation doesn’t have the most memorable apparel design as it stands currently. Hopefully, the new collection with SNIPES is a major step up.