British Esports Association launching new pilot with multiple partners

27 September 2018


The British Esports Association, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes grassroots esports in the United Kingdom, has partnered with West Ham United Foundation, GAME Digital, London Sport, and Archery GB to launch a one-week pilot.

The pilot aims to bridge the gap between esports and traditional sports by demonstrating the similarities between the two to students aimed 14-19 during the upcoming half term (October 22nd-26th). If the pilot proves successful, two satellite clubs could be ran for 30 weeks from the beginning of 2019.

British Esports Association

Taking place at the West Ham United Foundation in London, the pilot will be funded by London Sport – an organisation that aims to make those living in England’s capital city more active.

Andy Payne OBE, Chair for British Esports Association said: “Physical sports and esports share many traits, from teamwork to competitiveness and the entertainment factor for spectators, who want to watch the best in their field compete. This will hopefully help remove the stigma some have around esports as a credible activity and show the public the viability of esports, the high level of skill it demands and the career paths it offers.”

Throughout the week, there will be 10 sessions for students to attend. Each will involve football, archery, and Rocket League, a popular esports title that infuses cars and football.

GAME Digital’s involvement includes the supply of staff, kit, and PlayStation 4 consoles for the initiative in conjunction with Sony. Archery GB will, aptly, arrange the necessary equipment for the archery portion of the pilot.

Neil Armitage, Chief Executive of Archery GB also commented: “We’re delighted to be working with the British Esports Association on this pilot. Archery is found within several games, with a number of popular characters using bows and arrows. This initiative provides a great opportunity to show how esports and physical activity can be brought together and brings archery to life for more young people.”

Esports Insider says: Another initiative for UK students from British Esports Association, another reason for us to be excited about what the organisation is doing. Bringing in partners on this scale is impressive, and the actually purpose of the pilot seems worthwhile. We hope it proves to be a success and more clubs can run from January next year!