FACEIT partners with Epics for CS:GO Major collectible cards

05 September 2018


FACEIT and digital collectable company, Epics have partnered to release collectable cards for the CS:GO Major which gets underway this week in London. The partnership will allow fans to collect and trade exclusive trading cards throughout each stage of the event beginning with the Challenger’s Stage on Wednesday. Epics will also feature a card for the Most Valuable Player and Most Valuable Team following the end of the stage.

Fans can purchase “decks” on the Epics platform with cards of different rarities featuring players images and statistics which are regularly updated. This partnership with FACEIT will also include the potential to win rare in-game weapon skins. Teams featured on the platform also receive a piece of the profit made from the purchase of decks as a feature of the revenue-sharing system in place.

Credit: Epics.gg

Recently the company received a $2m funding seed let by BITKRAFT Esports Ventures which also funds Runtime, XSplit, Quarterback, and The Story Mob. The platform has become one of the first to feature a collectable and trading card system based on esports players, similar to that of the old days of American baseball physical trading cards. 

Epics also hold sponsorships with virtually every CS:GO team involved in the Major including Astralis, BIG, Heroic, MIBR, mousesports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, OpTic Gaming, Virtus.pro and most recently, compLexity

The CS:GO FACEIT Major begins in London on Wednesday with the Challenger’s Stage and continues throughout the month finishing off on the 23rd with one team taking home $500,000 (£384,272.50).

Esports Insider says: Trading and collecting cards brings back many memories for some as a popular hobby for traditional sports fans back in the day. The platform Epics has created certainly appeals to that crowd and brings in an almost untouched market to esports fans. While trading is an option and the opportunity to unlock popular skins, hopefully, this won’t end up in the same boat at loot box gambling in the future.