GAMURS Group partners with Legacy Esports, Adelaide Football Club

12 September 2018


Esports media network GAMURS Group has announced a partnership with Adelaide Football Club and the esports organisation it owns, Legacy Esports.

This deal includes the the testing and implementation of artificial intelligence technology built for use within esports.

Legacy Esports GAMURS Group

GAMURS owns new software called Gamer AI, which uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning to “predict win rates and refine team combinations”, aiding in informing overall strategy of games, providing specific training for individuals, and performing “predictive analysis for tournament results”.

This software will be provided to Legacy Esports, in which the organisation will use it – on a trial basis – to see how it benefits its teams. The organisation fields competitors in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, StarCraft II, and Super Smash Bros.

Founded in 2016, GAMURS Group owns a network of media companies, services brands, publications – this includes Dot Esports, The OP, CS:GO Stats, and Teamfind.

Legacy Esports is partnered with Samsung Electronics Australia, Razer, Migration Solutions, International Sports Clothing (ISC), and Muscle Meals Direct. It was acquired by Adelaide Football Club in May 2017.

Esports Insider says: The implementation of AI is becoming and more common in the industry, but it’s hard to see exactly how much impact it has had so far. Legacy Esports bringing on Gamer AI on a trial basis is a smart move, it’s not fully committed to using an unproven piece of technology but it’s not dismissing the potential benefits of it. We’re intrigued to see whether it makes a substantial difference in performance or otherwise.