Team Dignitas enters multi-year partnership with Champion

06 September 2018


International esports organisation Team Dignitas has entered a multi-year partnership with American sportswear manufacturer Champion.

As part of this deal, Champion will become the official jersey, casual wear and athletic wear provider of Team Dignitas. A new “casual, fan-focused” line of apparel will be launched alongside the organisation’s Fall 2018 rebrand.

Michael Prindiville, CEO of Team Dignitas discussed the partnership: “The opportunity to partner with the apparel company that has pioneered one of the most essential retail pieces in any esports player and fan’s wardrobe — the hoodie — is truly appropriate. Champion and Team Dignitas are uniquely aligned in the trajectory of our businesses. Champion’s recent reemergence into pop culture mirrors Team Dignitas’ incredible renaissance in fan popularity and dominance in competition. Our brands and our businesses have never been stronger.

“As we continually build and evolve our brands, we look forward to innovating with the Champion design team to develop a style that excites our fans and motivates our players in competition. We are confident that Champion’s industry-leading distribution platforms and emphasis on customer service will connect Team Dignitas fans with the looks they crave efficiently.”

Team Dignitas has a popular female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and in acknowledgement of “the growing women’s esports fan and player base”, Champion will create a line of Team Dignitas apparel for women. The organisation also competes in Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, Clash Royale, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Super Smash Bros., and SMITE.

Tyler Lewison, General Manager of Champion also had a say: “It is extremely exciting for us to be partnering with one of the original esports teams, steeped in experience and success. We will be working hand-in-hand with Team Dignitas to refresh their brand and engage the gaming community. Additionally, we are focused on partnering to create more opportunities for women in gaming; and their associated fanbase. It is an exhilarating time in esports!

“The industry continues to grow rapidly and we are ready to further accelerate this evolution on a global stage. Team Dignitas represents a diverse set of players in a wide-range of popular games, and with this partnership we can collaboratively and positively influence the direction of the industry for gamers at all levels.”

Addtionally, Champion will also design and operate an online platform for Team Dignitas to sell its new apparel lines, launching later this year. It will also be act as a jersey sponsor.

Team Dignitas is also partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings, Mountain Dew, Twitch, HyperX, Raynor Gaming, and Western Digital; whereas this is Champion’s first involvement in the esports industry. 

Esports Insider says: It sounds like Champion has a lot on its hands with its first ever involvement in esports – designing, creating, and selling all of Team Dignitas’ clothing once the rebrand has taken place. Champion is a major, non-endemic brand so this seems like a great move for Team Dignitas and the industry in general.