Ajax eSports renew Ziggo partnership & Dani Hagebeuk contract

Ajax eSports has confirmed a renewal of their deal with Ziggo, Netherlands largest cable network and the signing of a new three year contract for the teams FIFA player Dani Hagebeuk.

Ajax and Ziggo will launch a new project as part of this deal: Ziggo eBattle – Road to the USA. These new online FIFA 19 tournament will see fans battle it out for a spot in the Grand Finals – the winner of which will join Ajax eSports in Florida in January.

Menno Geelen, commercial director of Ajax, spoke about the extension: “Ziggo, as headpartner of Ajax, was the first to embrace Ajax eSports within the club. Thereby, we were able to grow with our virtual domain. This FIFA 19-season we want to organize more activities for our fans, together with Ziggo. The weekly Ziggo eBattles are a good example of that.’

Ajax also announced as part of this deal that their esports side will wear a unique Ajax eSports kit, which will share a design with their football counterparts but feature a unique esports logo on the front of the strip. Ajax players will also receive a ‘Ziggo eRoom’ at their homes to help them stream for fans.


Alongside the Ziggo news, Ajax eSports also announced that current FIFA player, Dani Hagebeuk has extended his stay with Ajax for the next three years. The 20-year-old has won the last two eDivision titles for Ajax.

Dani Hagebeuk, commented on the news: “Ajax was the only option. In the past, some international clubs have shown interest in me. I have rejected that. I would not be able to play for another club right now.” 

Speaking about his plans for the future he added: “It sounds very easy, but 2 times I came very far. With that extra 5%, it must be successful. I now have a coach and I make more training hours. That World Cup must come to Amsterdam. If I do not succeed then I hope that a teammate will do it!”

Ajax eSports spoke about the deals: “We are working on a long-term relationship with our eSporters, in which we want to offer the best circumstances to perform, like a studio at home and personal coaches. We are happy to have Dani on board the next 3 years!”

Esports Insider says: We’ve seen a lot of football teams enter esports, seeing them stick around and continue to grow is great to see. Ziggo has shown a willingness to step outside of its deal with the football side and truly invest in the teams’ esports endeavour, while the club itself has shown faith in a player who clearly has his sights set on greatness.