Boston Uprising finds headphone sponsor in Bose

31 October 2018


One of the twelve founding Overwatch League franchises, Boston Uprising has acquired a headphone sponsor in the form of Bose.

The headphone brand has partnered with other franchises owned by the Kraft Group – the group that owns the Boston Uprising – in the past.

Boston Uprising

While the news hasn’t been announced on social media as of writing, it has been reported that a deal between the two parties was announced at the Octagon Sports Marketing Symposium.

Jennifer Ferron, CMO of Kraft Sports & Entertainment reportedly said the following about the partnership: “They’re a great company. They’ve done a lot with the Kraft Group for a number of years now. They want to be in this space making headwear and headsets that gamers can use, so this gives us an opportunity to help them develop that.”

In April of this year, it was announced that Boston Uprising had entered a partnership with men’s grooming brand Gillette. It became the exclusive shaving product for all members of the franchise.

The Overwatch League isn’t in its second season yet but a number of high-profile sponsors and partners have gotten involved with teams and the league itself. Besides Bose and Gillette, these companies include Spotify, Twitter, Disney, Lionsgate, T-Mobile, and Logitech, among others.

Esports Insider says: This is yet another big non-endemic company investing in esports in some form, which is yet another great sign for the industry. It shows that there’s an audience that suits sponsors such as Bose, and frankly we’re surprised it’s taken so long for a headphone company of this stature to get involved.

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