ELEAGUE to partner with Nintendo for Smash Bros. Ultimate broadcast

ELEAGUE has announced a new partnership with developer Nintendo to bring a three-part episodic series around the Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational 2018 which was held at E3 earlier this year in Los Angeles, California. The series will air on TBS in November, ahead of the Smash Bros. Ultimate release December 7. 

E3 was the first chance players got to take a look at Ultimate and this broadcast will extend to show the potential of competitive play in the new Smash Bros. game that players not at E3 may not have had the opportunity to see.

For ELEAGUE, the partnership with Nintendo brings on new possibilities as the tournament organiser prides itself on holding high level, live events from the Turner Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. ELEAGUE has partnered with the likes of Valve for various CS:GO events, Blizzard for an Overwatch Open, Pysonix for the Rocket League CupNetherRealm for Injustice 2 events and Capcom for a Street Fighter V Invitational to name a few.

As ELEAGUE is operated by Turner Broadcasting, most games are on cable television in the United States on TBS. Such events have become a staple for esports broadcasts as some of the few to be featured on cable television, on top of online services like Twitch and YouTube.

This partnership comes at the most opportune moment for advertising for Ultimate, as the game will be released just weeks after the series comes to an end. There haven’t been any Ultimate events officially announced, but if this partnership with Nintendo says anything there’s a good chance ELEAGUE may host one of the first.

Esports Insider says: ELEAGUE continues to push the boundaries of esports broadcasts and with Ultimate as a highly-anticipated game in the Smash Bros. franchise, this partnership with Nintendo could bring about a major tournament. Could we see the first official Ultimate championship on ELEAGUE soon?

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