German Motor Sport Federation recognise Sim Racing as motorsport discipline

The President of the German Motor Sport Association (Deutscher Motor Sport Bund – DMSB) has recently established Sim Racing as an official motorsport discipline. The DMSB will offer support to competitive Sim Racing, in hopes of bridging the gap between traditional and esports competition.

Dr. Gerd Ennser, Board Member of the DMSB explained the importance of the announcement: “In no other sport are reality and digital simulation as close together as in motorsport. The presentation of the racetracks and the setting options of the vehicles are so realistic that many motorsports enthusiasts have long been using Sim Racing as a training opportunity and for preparation, for example, for unknown racetracks. Now let’s take the next step.”

The DMSB Bureau has now set up a working group to ensure that that real and simulated sports get closer together. Ideally, for example, race directors and stewards will contribute their experience in the area of Sim Racing.

“There are completely new possibilities for the motorsport scene,” said Dr. Ennser. “Using the Sim Racing experts, for example, we could revise the video sequences of our e-learning to acquire the Nordschleife license and adapt them to current requirements much faster than with set scenes. On the other hand, e-learning could be a quick and cost-effective way to establish a licensing course for Sim Racing. “

Esports Insider says: As Sim Racing grows more popular with the likes of the Formula 1 Esports Series, being legitimized by the German Motorsport Association (DMSB) will certainly open opportunities and training for competitors. 

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