Virtual Athletics League launches global esports league

04 October 2018


The Virtual Athletics League in partnership with arcade management platform SpringboardVR and LIV has launched a global VR esports league.

Sponsored by HP, Inc. and HTC esports, the VR esports league is taking place in different VR arcades around the world through 2018. Seven titles are confirmed for the competition, starting with Space Pirate Trainer and horror titles Arizona Sunshine and Island 359 for Halloween. Players can also show their abilities in archery multiplayer QuiVR, and shooters Archangel: Hellfire, Skyfront, and After-H.

Joanna Popper, global head of location-based VR entertainment for HP, Inc. said: “These ground-breaking tournaments are a prime example of what HP looks for to drive growth in the VR space.”

The Virtual Athletics League reviewed over 100 VR titles before choosing the final seven. The decision was made based on the community building potential, competitiveness, and quality of the games. According to a press release by the Virtual Athletics League, more titles will be announced soon.

Andrew Wu, Partner Marketing Manager of HTC esports said: “We had been looking for a way to help support the network of arcades around the globe and this type of community organized play is key in building esports.”

For the VR esports league, the Virtual Athletics League decided to focus on the VR arcades that are now common around the world.

Joe Gabriel, CCO of Virtual Athletics League said: “The whole concept behind the core league is that eventually, city-based play will take place on the same scale as professional sports franchises around the world, with each arcade eventually having things like jerseys, dedicated teams, professional casters, and Twitch fans. We are thrilled to help build the VR esports future.”

Esports Insider says: VR arcades are making a comeback in 2018. The technology is affordable and can fit inside any house, but there is something about sharing the experience with other people that still attract the players. It was only a matter of time before a VR esports league was created. 

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