Dignitas finds gaming chair partner in Raynor Gaming

09 November 2018


International esports organisation Dignitas has found its first partner post-rebrand in the form of Raynor Gaming.

Joining forces by becoming its official gaming chair partner, Raynor Gaming will equip Dignitas’ players and streamers with branded gaming chairs.

Dignitas Raynor Gaming

Michael Prindiville, CEO of Dignitas discussed the partnership:
“We are thrilled to be in business with Raynor Gaming, whose Outlast™ cooling technology is revolutionizing the gaming chair as we know it. Ensuring the comfort of our players and streamers is a top priority for Dignitas and now we can ensure that our fans are afforded the same five-star comfort and style.”

Dignitas is also partnered with HyperX, Mountain Dew, Twitch, and Western Digital. Most recently, the organisation entered a partnership with Champion that saw the American sportswear brand design jerseys, casual wear, and athletic wear for the team to wear and for fans to purchase.

Marc Fries, President of Raynor Gaming also commented: “We are proud to partner an esports organization with a storied, 15-year heritage in the gaming world, and ecstatic our gaming chairs will bear the new, popular, Dignitas crest. Just as Dignitas and our partners at Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment take this next pivotal step in the esports ecosystem, Raynor Gaming is committed to creating a series of best-in-class products for the competitive gamer, amateur player and esports fan utilizing our patented, industry-leading technology.”

Dignitas recently announced a rebrand from its former identity of Team Dignitas. Along with the name change came an entirely new logo, combining the Owl of Ancient Rome with the organisation’s “own rich history and character”.

Esports Insider says: Gaming chair partnerships are fairly run of the mill in esports, but at the very least it provides something cool for fans of Dignitas to purchase. As a rule, gaming chairs are incredibly comfy and Dignitas has some buzz around it following the rebrand, so this partnership makes sense.

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