DJ Premier, Rick Ross, SNIPES and mousesports team up for esports anime short

12 November 2018


SNIPES has expanded its presence in esports by announcing a new collection with esports team mousesports. The announcement comes with a short esports anime movie which features the voice of Hip Hop star Rick Ross and music from DJ Premier. 

The new collection sees an expansion of the partnership, penned in August. SNIPES, a prominent retail brand in Germany has previously also partnered with ESL. 

The video is based a round the motto “Life is a game, but don’t forget the rules”, and was made to “celebrate mousesports spirit” as well as promoting the new SNIPES winter collection.

The video follows the story of Cengiz “Django” Tüylü, who helped shape mousesports into the team it is today. It centres around Django’s “five golden rules” which “guided mousesports to its success, long before esports developed its economic value”. 

The movie, which combines esports, Japanese Anime and Hip Hop enlists some familiar name as it guides the viewer through Django’s five golden rules. DJ Premier provides the beat to none other than Rick “Hustlin” Ros who narrates the video in his typical fashion. 

Cengiz Tüylü, CEO of mousesports commented: “The kind of effort that SNIPES currently puts into our sports and our organisation is exceptional. It’s truly an honour for the team and certainly myself personally, to be the ones they put upfront. It’s a crazy feeling to see yourself in a movie – especially when it’s animated and made by a brand you looked up to for the past two decades.”

The partnership is supported by Jung von Matt/SPORTS who recently added McDonald’s Germany to a growing portfolio of clients in the world of esports. 

Esports Insider says: We can’t say we ever imagined hearing Rick Ross narrating the journey of an esports team over the top of an anime video. All whilst celebrating the launch of a new winter collection from SNIPES x mousesports. What a world we live in. We do love a bit of creative marketing.