PUBG esports season will culminate with Global Championship

06 November 2018


PUBG Corp. has detailed the inaugural season of its competitive PUBG initiative, including a Global Championship that will close the season out.

Nine regions are said to be competing in pro leagues throughout the season, though only two leagues have been announced at this time.

PUBG Global Championship

The season will see all regions compete under a universal ruleset, game settings, and point systems. Sixteen teams, made up of four players each, will all compete in these leagues.

Richard Kwon, Chief Marketing Officer at PUBG Corp. said the following in a statement: “We’re proud to announce this next step in PUBG Corp.’s plan to cement our place as a global esports platform. This season, the world’s best PUBG players will have the chance to prove their superiority and strategic might against their global rivals. Now, with an international audience, our most competitive players will be able to showcase their skills, win prizes and conquer the world through PUBG.”

Both the National PUBG League, a league for North American teams, and the PUBG Europe League, a league for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, were announced in October. The remaining regions that are reportedly getting involved in the seasion are Korea, CHina, Japan, Chinese Taipei/Hong Kong/Macau, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Oceania.

In July, PUBG Corp. vaguely detailed a five-year esports plan before the PUBG Global Invitational got underway in Berlin, Germany. Pro leagues were announced as part of the plan, but this is the first official confirmation of a global competition that culminates an entire season.

Esports Insider says: It seems a fair assumption to believe that the Global Championship is just a revamped version of the PUBG Global Invitational. The big change, however, should be in how teams book their spot in the flagship event. The landscape of the PUBG esports season looks surprisingly solid, which is vital in a time where casual player and viewer bases are slowly dwindling for the title.

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