Superliga ABCDE signs partnership with Burger King

16 November 2018


League of Legends tournament Superliga ABCDE and Burger King have signed a new partnership, the tournament announced through a press release.

The Brazilian off-season league is attracting major sponsors as it heads into its second edition. Founded in 2017 by the Brazilian Association of Esports Clubs (ABCDE in Portuguese), the Superliga ABCDE runs from November through December featuring 12 associated teams.

Christian Costantini, President, and General Director at ABCDE said: “The Superliga ABCDE involves the main clubs of League of Legends in Brazil, its biggest stars and a very engaged digital audience. They’re millions of young people, mostly between 17 and 24 years old, with good purchasing power and who are starting to create a relationship of trust with brands.”

In 2017, the Superliga ABCDE registered over 1 million viewers, this year the tournament expects to surpass the 2 million viewers. The six week long tournament is streamed through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Nimo, and Cube TV.

Regarding the impact of this partnership in the Brazilian audience, Constantini added: “Esports are just part of the gaming ecosystem. As for the Superliga ABCDE, we think of it as a way to communicate the brands with this whole universe, present mainly in the streaming platforms. It will not only be League of Legends or Superliga fans who will be impacted.”

As a partner, Burger King will be organising activities at the final event scheduled on December 23. Throughout the tournament, the MVP players are receiving a crown and the title of “King of the Match”.

In the off-season, the teams are competing for a $26,000 (£20,000) prize pool.

Esports Insider says: Brazil has the biggest esports scene in Latin America with millions of fans tuning in every week to watch their favourite teams. The rest of the League of Legends regions are enjoining the off-season but Brazil doesn’t stop.