reveals new logo to celebrate 15th anniversary

15 November 2018

Share has today revealed a new logo as the team celebrates its 15th anniversary. The new, updated logo, uses a more minimalist approach than previously. The colours, too, revert to the original after adopting sponsor MegaFon’s colours earlier this year. 

The logo and branding will remain the same until 2019, where the new logo will be updated on all brand resources. The decision makers behind the rebrand stated that “vivid colours and the reimagination of the traditional team’s symbol – the bear – were chosen as the focal points of the new design”. 

Roman Dvoryankin, General manager stated: “In the last couple of years, the list of requirements to an esports team’s logo increased dramatically. As for, we have expanded to new disciplines, gained new partners and sponsors, and all of them have their own standards and suggestions”.

He continued: “Our main goal was not to create something radically new, but to take the already known and loved by our fans logo and adapt it, so it could fit not only today’s requirements but also stay relevant in the nearest future. We will always remember the victories claimed under the old banner, but we are sure there are even more to come with the new one”.

Mikhail Antipin, Art Director of the sports design studio Quberten: “The logo had a prominent and promising base for redesign: a good combination of colors, which we made slightly brighter. Fulfilling the potential, creating the most up-to-date design were the highest priority goals of this restyling. I believe we have done it. The alternative logo, sub-logo, lettering, graphic elements – all this has broadened both the identity line and the ability to work with it. We hope fans will enjoy our work – we did it with you in mind”.
Esports Insider says: A subtle change to the logo and a change back to the famous colours of old. We’re a fan of the new logo and have little doubt that it will bring with it more continued success. Happy 15th anniversary,!