NEXPLAY acquires several championship winning esports teams across Asia

NEXPLAY continues to be at the frontier of the mobile gaming industry with the acquisition of several esports teams across Asia. 

Nexplay, the Singapore-based ultimate gaming entertainment and esports ecosystem in Asia recently announced the acquisitions of Solid Gaming – a top team in the Philippines to in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Squad as well as Team Rida – a top team from Malaysia to become Nexplay’s Esports Arena Of Valor Squad and an upcoming PUBG Mobile Squad from India.

Nexplay Esports Mobile Legend:Bang Bang Squad have recently bagged Championship titles in the national and regional esports tournaments. They made a debut at ESGS 2018, the biggest gaming & esports convention in Southeast Asia in Mall of Asia converting a promising start and then emerging as ultimate Champion in the Mobile Legends open tournament few days after the acquisition announcement. The squad was dubbed as “The Rising Star” in mobile gaming. They have won championships as early as February 2017 in Mobile Legends, with several national and international championships in Indonesia under their belt. 

The Nexplay Esports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Squad members are “MRVii” (captain), “MB”, “Kram”, ”Tan”, “Espes”, “Rbeh”, “Xchan” from “Je t’aime” with “Frei” as Esports Manager. Recently, team went on to win the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Liga tournament, for which viewers can view the highlights here. In May 2018, they were invited to represent Philippines in the Mobile Star League Southeast Asia held in Indonesia. Their goal is to be the best, enhance and develop their skills and influence the youth and help the next generation in the esports industry reach the next level. 

Nexplay Esports AOV Squad, formerly Known as Team Rida has been established since March 2018. They recently won a Championship title in Ansara Esports Malaysia. They were established as the No. 1 Guild in Southeast Asia Server prior to acquisition. The word “Rida” means “Leader” in Japanese. The guild are actively participating in every major and minor tournament and currently have 70 members in total. The Nexplay Esports AOV Squad members are “Kazekiro” (captain), “DeVz”, “Jido”, “Blaze”, “Carryme”, “Frost” and “Arashee”. They recently came 2nd in AOV Taiwan Excellence held in Sunway Pyramid and 4th in ANSARA Grand Finale that was held at the Asia Pacific University, Bukit Jalil. Nexplay Esports AOV Squad will participate in the upcoming World Major League (Malaysia – 29th and 30th December 2018), AOV International Championship, AOV World Cup, AOV Valor Cup, AOV Glory Cup and local and international tournaments. They’re aiming to be the leading team in the world at Arena of Valor. 

Nexplay is close to acquiring the Nexplay Esports PUBG Squad in India. The squad are much sought-after as heavy-weight championship winners, both in National and Regional Tournaments. Nexplay Esports PUBG Mobile Squad is the first mobile gaming team to emerge in India and they are striving for excellence. They are looking forward to performing greatly in local events in 2019.

Additionally, Nexplay is planning to acquire a Nexplay Esports Fortnite Squad in the US. Fortnite Battle Royale is another fast growing mobile development, as we’ve seen Fortnite dominate the gaming world this year. .

Nexplay Esports vision is to be the largest esports organisation around the world with its own proprietary mobile live streaming technology platform present in 120+ countries globally. Nexplay’s esports Teams from Philippines, Malaysia, India and US will help the company to achieve such vision. With over 50 million monthly viewers with a focus in Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, PUBG & Fortnite, NEXPLAY aims to position itself as one of the top gaming entertainment and esports Brand for millennials and next-generation gamers.

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