TSM parent company acquires software and branding of Blitz Esports desktop app

28 January 2019


Swift, the parent company of North American esports organisation Team SoloMid announced on Friday that it had acquired the software and branding of the Blitz Esports desktop app, according to an ESPN report.

Blitz Esports is an analytics platform focused on player development in Riot Games’ title League of Legends. The report states that the acquisition took place back in November and the figure is in the “multi-million” region. The move will see the service continue to operate as usual. Andy “Reginald” Dinh told ESPN that he hopes to use the application in the future to unearth stars of the future. 

Team SoloMid are undoubtedly one of the most recognised brands in North American esports, if not globally. In January 2018 the organisation raised $25,000,000 from Venture Capital firm Bessemer, and completed a $37,000,000 funding round as recently as July 2018 ahead of securing a franchising slot in the League of Legends NALCS. The recent round was again led by Bessemer but included notable names such as basketball star Stephen Curry & Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang as well as NFL player Steve Young. 

The funding was initially earmarked to cover Swift’s considerable other business interests, including content networks, further investment into the gaming space as well as franchising fees and a new esports facility in Los Angeles. 

In addition, the ESPN report suggests that the acquisition will help enhance ProBuilds and LoL Counter, two existing parts of the Swift Portfolio that offer similar services.

Esports Insider says: Good to see Blitz not going to waste and continuing to be developed. There’s now a plethora of analytics apps out there for the likes of League of Legends and Dota 2 and Swift are committed to developing them as best as possible. Analytics and data are becoming infinitely more important as the margins of victory become smaller and smaller and thus the future looks bright for apps like Blitz.