Ajax eSports enters long-term partnership with ICONIX

06 February 2019


Dutch football club Ajax has entered a long-term partnership with energy drink brand ICONIX.

The deal includes Ajax eSports and has been signed to last for almost 10 years.

Ajax eSports ICONIX

Ajax, and its esports division, will help with the launch of the energy drink in the Netherlands from March of this year. 

Menno Geelen, CCO of Ajax commented on the deal: “The story and ambition of ICONIX appealed to us. We also think that this category of functional drinks, which is widely spoken and written about, needs an alternative. ICONIX offers a tasty, responsible and different type of energy drink and distinguishes itself with so-called focused energy instead of just more energy. We are content with this long-term agreement, with a duration of no less than 9.5 years. This reflects the ambition of ICONIX and also expresses confidence towards each other.”

In October last year, Ajax eSports confirmed the renewal of its deal with Dutch cable operator Ziggo. The organisation is also partnered with the likes of Plantronics, Playseat, Subway, 433, PayPal, ABN AMRO, Ziggo, Adidas, and EA Sports.

Matthijs van Zanten, Managing Director of ICONIX discussed the drink: “ICONIX Energy Drink is a smart and modern energy drink that has been developed with the aim of optimally responding to the changing needs of the conscious, active and ambitious consumer. It is an energy drink where we have done everything we can to bring a better alternative to the market.”

Esports Insider says: It’s encouraging to see that when Ajax brings in a new long-term partner, it gets its esports division involved. This, to an optimist, means that the club has intentions of staying involved with the esports industry for years to come. And let’s face it, a lot of gamers love energy drinks – this deal suits Ajax eSports damn well.