Fnatic & Virgin EMI Records to host Katowice closing party

Fnatic has announced plans to host a Katowice closing party in Poland on March 3rd in collaboration with Virgin EMI Records.

Fnatic and Virgin EMI will host pro players, YouTubers, Twitch Streamers and industry professionals at the closing party. It wouldn’t be a good closing party without music, so Fnatic and Virgin have lined up artists including Jay Pryor and Steve Void to entertain attendees.

Sam Mathews, Founder & Chairman, Fnatic, had this to say: “One of our goals has always been to become the #1 lifestyle brand to come out of esports, and this is one of the reasons Virgin EMI wanted to collaborate with us on this party. This is an incredible opportunity for us both to host a party that won’t be forgotten. For Virgin EMI, there’s no better way to experience what esports has to offer than on the biggest stage there is at Katowice.”

This event, which the two have dubbed ‘Superbowl of esports’ is the latest collaboration between esports and music, with ESL partnering with Universal Music Group Europe to launch its own record label Enter Records in late 2018 – including signing its first artistChristian ”TheFatRat” Buttner.

Tony Barnes, Senior Director, Digital & Business Development, VirginEMI, added: “We are massive fans of esports here at VirginEMI and so the opportunity to partner with one of the top esports brands in the world in Fnatic to host the unofficial closing party at IEM 2019 in Katowice this Sunday is incredibly exciting. Connecting our artists and music to esports and gaming culture, in general, is incredibly important to us, we’re looking forward to an amazing night and many more future collaborations with Fnatic.”

Esports Insider says: Music & esports is a perfect match, what better way to close out a major esports event that with some banging tunes and chatting with your favourite esports friends? We’d expect to see similar announcements in future, events such as DreamHack and Insomnia often have similar such post-show music performances.