Skillshot Media and Northside Hospital partner for medicine program

22 February 2019


Hi-Rez Studios’ subsidiary Skillshot Media has partnered with Atlanta-based Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network.

As part of the deal, Skillshot Media will launch an ‘esports medicine program’ for the 90 professional players that compete in its SMITE and Paladins pro leagues.

Skillshot Media Northside Hospital
Photo credit: Skillshot Media & Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network

Todd Harris, President of Skillshot Media shared his thoughts in a statement: “In discussions with the Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network, it became clear that they are not only taking early notice of the rising trend of esports injuries, but also aspire to serve our pro players just like athletes in traditional sports — benefiting from nutrition, exercise, rest, and best practices for optimizing performance and prolonging careers. We are thrilled to partner with Northside to provide complementary injury-prevention services for our players and also share ongoing research with the broader esports community.”

Northside Hospital will use its expertise in sports science and sports medicine to “maximize performance and minimize injury with esports players,” according to the announcement. Skillshot Media will also serve as the network’s esports consultant to educate it on the industry and support its research studies.

Dr Vonda Wright MD, Orthopedic Surgeon and Chief of the Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network also commented: “As the convergence of technology expands our definitions of ‘athletes and competition,’ Northside Sports Medicine is proud to step into this unique role. The growth of esports is a worldwide phenomenon, and Northside is ready to provide elite sports medicine and performance therapy to the professionals of Skillshot Media. Through preventive care and innovative research, we hope to maximize performance while minimizing injury for these pro players, while setting a standard of care for esports athletes at every level.”

Esports Insider says: As the years go by, more and more support for professional players is arriving and it can only be a good thing. With competition becoming more fierce and the industry continuing to grow at a solid rate, longevity is vital for competitors. Hopefully this partnership can help SMITE and Paladins professionals to stay in tip-top condition.

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