G2 Esports and Red Bull launch racing esports team

16 March 2019


G2 Esports has joined forces with Red Bull Racing to form the Red Bull Racing Esports Team.

Initially created to compete in the F1 Esports Pro Series, the team has now recruited players that specialise in a variety of simulation racing titles.

G2 Esports Red Bull Racing
Image credit: G2 Esports

Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull Racing Formula One commented on the deal: “It is tremendously exciting to see this new direction being taken by the Team. We took part in F1 Esports last year and the response was incredibly positive. We are a Team who has always backed youth and this opportunity provides us with the potential to engage with a wider and younger audience, whilst becoming competitive in a rapidly expanding and exciting new discipline.”

The newly-announced team will compete in upcoming events for Forza Motorsport, Project Cars 2, rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, and RaceRoom. It’ll also compete in the FIA Gran Turismo Sport World Championship.

Danny Engels, Head of Gaming Operations for G2 Esports added: “We are extremely excited to have two of the strongest and most successful brands in their respective worlds join forces. Esports racing connects our virtual environment with the real-life sport in a peerless fashion.

“The accessibility of sim racing offers a new entrance into motorsports for both experienced racing lovers and new fans. The line-up of drivers representing the Red Bull Racing Esports Team is the most successful group in the entire sim racing space and will fight for World Championships across multiple games and platforms. I’m confident that this will be our year!”

Just last month, G2 Esports announced €15 million (£12.9 million) in investment following a funding round led by Parkwood Corporation, Everblue Management, Seal Rocket Partners, Dan Gilbert, and Al Tylis.

Esports Insider says: G2 Esports is evidently looking to widen its involvement in sim racing and that’s a positive sign for the genre. Sim racing has a number of big brands already involved but bringing in experienced esports organisations could help massively.

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