Tornado Energy whips together Fortnite partnership

Tornado Energy continues to spin together pro team partnerships, this time with the Fortnite team of Announced via the team’s Twitter, the sponsorship sees Tornado Energy become the Fortnite squad’s general sponsor, with their logo front and centre on team jerseys. 

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The partnership comes just in time for the ESL Katowice Royale, where the best solo and duo Fortnite players compete for their slice of the $500,000 (~£378,547). The agreement will also see Tornado feature prominently on the team’s social media pages and Twitch channels. 

On the partnership, General Manager Roman Dvoryankin announced, “Today our Fortnite roster acquired a general sponsor – energy drink Tornado Energy. It’s a very awesome thing for us, as Tornado’s motto ‘Do Damage’ is the perfect reflection of our guys’ philosophy as they crush their enemies in Fortnite.” Dvoryankin was especially pleased with the partnership as Tornado has “quite a sense of humour – I’m sure we have tons of amazing stories ahead of us.”

Tornado Energy continues to build their presence in Eastern European & CIS esports, this partnership with comes in addition to their recent partnership with Gambit Esports and their very own PUBG team, Tornado Energy Battle.’s Fortnite roster consists of the Belarusian Artur “7ssk7” Kurhsin, alongside three Russians Jamal “Jamside” Saydaev, Seid-Magomed “FiveSkill” Edil’gireev, and Dmitriy “HURMA” Geynts. The ESL Katowice Royale Solos have already concluded, with TSM’s “Vinny1x” taking it home, while “7ssk7” and “Jamside” competed in the solos competition, finishing 75th and 38th respectively. The duos competition concludes Sunday March 3rd. 

You can catch all the action from the ESL Katowice Royale happening right now on Twitch.

Esports Insider says: Tornado Energy are spinning out partnerships left, right and centre right now. It’s particularly great to see continued investment and partnerships developing in smaller but no less passionate regions like Eastern Europe, Russia, and the CIS. It’s also great to see the partnership come just in time for what is arguably one of the biggest tournaments to date and the Fortnite World Cup looming.

The ESI Spring Forum takes place on March 22nd at the City Football Academy Media Centre and will look at the feasibility of the Battle Royale genre as an esport. For tickets, please click here.